April 2012 News Letter

Posted 2nd April 2012

Our Podcast is growing in popularity with some superb technical and business episodes covering Scala, the Agile Financial Model, Breakthrough Development Teams and much more. For those of you who do not have access to Podcasts all our talks, webinars and technical videos can also be found online here.

I have included below some of our latest blogs and videos which I hoep you enjoy!  

Higher Order Kinds

Imagine that you had a component whose functionality you needed to control.

Perhaps you had one implementation for your tests and onefor your production environment? Let's write a service class that we know will somehow serialise the output of its methods, but we do not want to define how at the point of design. more...

Neo4j Spring Data & Scala

Spring Data is an excellent tool that generates implementations of repositories using the naming conventions similar to the convention used in the dynamic language runtimes such as Grails and Ruby on Rails. In this post, I am going to show you how to use Spring Data in your Scala code. 

 In this post, we will construct trivial application that uses the Spring Data Neo4j to persist simple User objects. The only difference is that we'll use Scala throughout and highlight some of the sticky points of Spring Data in Scala. We are going to be persisting the User class with two fields: id and username. Be careful to specify the type of the id field to be java.lang.Long, not scala.Long!  more...

A Bit of Fun!  - Truth about Scala

And so it came to pass that the daughters and sons of Maderakka made a statically typed, object-functional language. A language that was so complex that no programmer could possibly comprehend it. A type constructor of Towers of Babel. 

As mere programmers try to learn and use the language, they pass through 7 stages; each with more and more putrid cake, left by Jambe-akka, who welcomes those who reach the last stage. Follow the terrifying journey with us and be sore afraid! more...

I trust you enjoyed the update and feel free to contact myself if you would like to find out more. 



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